Eat Shit


Being voted by Rock City News as L.A.'s "Most Psychotic Band" is not an honor to be taken lightly. Especially when you consider the enormous population of speed freaks, seriously delusional musicians, and other undesirables that you can run into at the numerous Hollywood nightclubs. Without the benefits of hard drugs or alcohol, Terri still manages to create one of the most reckless and disgusting displays of rock n roll on any given night in North America. Together with her guitar player Demon Boy Don, they make an updated co-ed version of the classic singer/guitarist "perfect chemistry" scenario. (SeeJagger & Richards, Bowie & Ronson, etc. for more details...) The Stiff Ones may have a strong following of riot grrls and teenage MTV punk rockers but they are actually just a revved up rock n roll band, Detroit style with a slight nod to the Manic Panic brand glam-punk of the Hollywood underground... This record is exactly that. Sparse production, hard hitting tunes, and zero pretension. Oh, and cool hairstyles and tattoos!

The appropriately titled "Eat Shit!" CD was released in 1998 but still remains the latest available piece of Texas Terri wax. In fact, the band has a different lineup now. The best song on the CD is called "Oh Yeah!" and is presumably a song about being a Hollywood punk, oblivious to the high pricetag lifestyles of Los Angeles dwellers. Terri sings "We didn't need a lot of money, that meant we didn't have to work too much/It was a good life honey, we never had to be in a rush." That's a brave statement for someone who lives in Hollywood!! Her primitive and antagonistic song "Cave Woman" is an anthem very suitable for those of us who are sick of the mentally retarded rock divas that plague the FM airwaves these days. If you crank this tune up loud enough, you can practically smell her B.O.! (That's an American acronym for "bodily odor" in case you wondered...) I won't lengthen this review to analyze the content of every Texas Terri song but I'll leave you with a promise that every tune on this CD makes a REAL and BITING statement, not a statement for shock value. As for musicianship, all the wrong notes are in all the right places and Demon Boy Don is my candidate as a guitar hero for the post-apocalyptic days following the Millenium when the world is reduced to rubble and refuse. Then again, maybe not but get a copy of this CD anyhow.

by Jay Smith


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