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````` The release has to give ya chills, or motivate an emotional response, or demonstrate an unusual sound, or a profound lyrical statement or a level of playing that makes you say wow or demonstrate a level of originality above what I’ve been exposed to... Basically it has to leave a lasting effect on some level, something that has a good chance of standing the test of time.

```` Definitely worthy of putting in the collection. Better than average for the genre.

``` Good, will stir the hearts of fans of the specific style or band.

Anything less is not worth my time.

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Antiseen / Texas Terri "Beat on the Brat/Dirty Action", Split 7" (pink vinyl, limited to 1,000), TKO Records, 2003


Confederacy of Scum legends Antiseen make the Ramones "Beat on the Brat" their own with their trademark guitar sound. Beautiful. This is my first introduction to Texas Terri, who puts forth some fiery lo-fi rock'n'roll. Punk with that attitude and sound from NY about 25 years ago (even though she is from Austin TX) ! This is a great 7".