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"Your Lips…My Ass!"
It's good to hear an old-fashioned punk rock record once in a while. Not that hyphenated punk is necessarily a bad thing, but an album like "Your Lips…My Ass!" that all about aggression and a bad attitude, with just enough melody to keep things interesting, can be a refreshing change from micromanaged niche-punk. The leather-lunged Texas Terri's most obvious predecessor is the infamous Tex of Tex & the Horseheads, though Terri can at least carry a tune far enough to beat the shit out of it. With guests including Dwarves/Motochrist string-slasher Marc Diamond, Runaways frontwoman Cherrie Currie and the great Wayne Kramer, you already know tunes like "Dirty Action," "Mafia" and a take on Thin Lizzy's "The Rocker" are gonna burn the speakers down, and that's pretty much Terri's policy for the entire record: scorch the earth and piss on the ashes later. Michael Toland [buy it]

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