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AUGUST 12 - 18, 2004 -- MUSIC--LIVE SHOT

Live shot
Texas Terri Bomb and Cheetah Chrome drop a bomb of punk love on Nashville

Beneath the Argento film lights of the Springwater, two punk legends took the stage last Thursday and showed no mercy. Texas Terri Bomb, a lithe and fierce vision of attitude and energy, took an initially inconsistent microphone setup and proceeded to work the crowd effortlessly, albeit not before making a deliciously petulant threat to "tear this place up" if her vocals went out. Pogoing around the stage, Texas Terri rocked efficiently and with maximum velocity, tearing through a section of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" like Mick and the boys were a footnote in the past; a crossfire hurricane indeed.

Playing guitar for this leg of Terri's current tour was Cheetah Chrome, one of the great punk guitarists of all time. His work with the Dead Boys and Rocket From the Tombs—like Terri's with L.A.'s defunct Killer Crows—is a case of undeniable credentials and glory, yet rather than coasting on that past, he simply goes out and plays his ass off. What the two had for one another was a case of mutual respect, and what they had for the music was maniacal joy—more than enough even for Nashville's typically reticent showgoers.

The key moment of the night (or morning, rather) involved a brief silence, with Terri, striking a coy pose and saying, "I love you Nashville," after which her band struck a chord so lacerating that even the most jaded clubgoer was forced back a step by the sheer force if it. Not to be fucked with, this lady. And with the peerless Chrome at her side, an incarnation of grace and kinesis.

—Jason Shawan

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