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 First of all how long have you been doing “Texas Terri and The Stiff Ones?”

TT:  El Don Hubbard (the guitarist) and I are the original members and have had the band coming up on 5 years. We have gone through many rhythm sections but have had a stable rhythm section since Aug. ’99.

MoiSST:  You are based out of  L.A. correct?

TT:  Yes.

MoiSST:  What made you think of doing the cover of the Dicks “Lifetime Problems”?  Who is Glen Tyalor?

TT:  I am from Austin, TX and grew up hearing The Dicks. they were my favorite Austin band. I was friends with t hem. I think all their songs are great. You can’t say that about many bands these days. In fact, Gary Floyd (Dick’s singer) had another band in S. F. after that called Sister Double Happiness.  They are had a reunion show in S. F. Fri. (Jan 28) and I went! It was amazing! Gary is an amazing singer! He has a new band called Black Kali Ma.  They just released a record on Alternative Tentacles. Gary really likes our version of the song. Glen Taylor was the guitar player of The Dicks and a very dear friend of mine. He died just before our CD “Eat Shit” was released in June of 1998 so we dedicated it to his memory.

MoiSST:  I know your from Austin.  A band came through Phoenix that was promoted as past members of Tex and the Horseheads.  Was that one of your past bands and what other bands have you worked with?

TT:  Tex and the Horseheads was not my band. That was Texacala Jones. We were friends during that time out here in L. A. Now she lives in Austin where I am from and has a band called Texacala Jones and the T. J. Hookers. That’s the band that played in Phoenix. I had a band called The Killer Crows out here.  Jeff Dahl remembers that band!

MoiSST:  When you get in the studio for a recording project how are you feeling?  Pretty nervous or completely relaxed.  When your doing live shows you  seem invincible but you have mentioned in past interviews you still get nervous before shows.

TT:  When I go into the studio I get nervous because it can be very hard to capture the energy and vibe of a live show. As long as it does not sound too produced or studio’d out, I’m fine. But there is a beauty to the studio also.  It’s kind of weird to not have an audience though and to actually be able to hear myself crystal clear! El Don Hubbard (aka Demon Boy the guitar player) on the other hand, thrives in the studio! He loves to put little weird nuances in sneaky places. He has special little overdubs in all the songs!

Take some acid, get your headphones and listen closely! You’re in for a treat! He loves the studio and would spend the rest of his life recording and never come out if he could.  As far as still getting nervous before shows, I guess it is because getting on stage is always so exciting for me! I never know what is going to happen!  I love the adrenaline and always want the audience to get off as hard as I do!

MoiSST:  How has the sales of the nipple tape been through the Internet been?  I thought that was pretty different.  Kind of reminiscent of Wendy O.

TT:  Nipple tape sales have been slow, not a sale yet! I guess the perverts have not found my web page yet or are too cheap! I’m still saving the tape because I know one day it’s gonna sale like hotcakes! I wonder if Wendy O covered her nipples for the same reason I do. I have to because I don’t want to get arrested. It’s not worth it. I do get very hot on stage so I take my shirt off just like a lotta guy singers do. I think they should have to wear tape too! Another double standard. Oh well. I think it’s kinda cool not to show it all! A little tease is always good!

MoiSST:  When you are doing shows you tend to get down to the bare essentials on clothing.  Do you ever get harassed?  If so how do you deal with it?

TT:  Every once in a while I get harassed. When people grope me I just push them away or put a boot in their face if they persist. It’s a “look but don’t touch” situation, kinda like an art exhibit. It’s just for fun, not for sex.

MoiSST:  L.A. seems to cater to crazy ass stage antics and desensitized to it.  How are your shows outside of California?

TT:  We have fun in L. A. and outside of CA! When we tour, fans just love to come to see bands they have only read about in magazines and they go wild! They appreciate us coming to their towns and we LOVE them!

MoiSST:  I saw the program on E! for the club make-up.  How did you get involved with the project?  Why didn’t Your band make an appearance?

TT:  Club Make Up is a special kinda club that happens the first Saturday of each month. It’s all glammed out. It’s mainly a dance club with a short live set focusing on that era. The people that came up with the idea have a house band that usually performs with several guest vocalist. I have been asked to do a song coming up in a couple of months there. I go dance there as a job from time to time when we are not playing a show. Good money and great exposure!  We will probably play there at some point.

MoiSST:  Were you familiar with most of the people that were in the program?

TT:  Oh yes! And I got to meet a lot of the ones from New York. We were actually in Vegas the night before Halloween and stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel.  We all hung out and got dressed together and got to hang out before the show. It was very exciting! I love all the drag queens! They are soooo talented. Bridgette Brat and I talk quite often. She lives in S. F. and is 6' 7" tall out of high hills! She is a great guitar player/singer/songwriter. Pat Briggs of Psychotica actually organized the entertainment from the beginning of Make Up.  My friend Mo Fischer (from NYC) rode up together and hung out all night long!  We were go go dancers. Mo was in John Water’s Pecker so go and rent the movie! Her friend Mike Potter (from NYC) was there too and did our makeup. He designed the hair and makeup for the rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  He is amazing! We all had a blast! Enough name dropping! But you did ask!

MoiSST:  I know that their is another make-up party approaching.  Do you have anything in store for that one?

TT:  I will be go go dancing (Feb. 5, 2000). It is their first anniversary and they have a lot of crazy stuff planned. A Terri King fashion show and a live performance with Lynda Perry (4 non Blondes) doing Led Zepplin covers.

MoiSST:  Any new studio projects?

TT:  We will probably be recording 3 songs in the studio soon. We are writing songs for our next full length right now but want to get a few on tape right away.

MoiSST:  When are you planning on hitting Arizona again?

TT:  Soon we hope. But we never know. We are actually gearing up to go to Europe late May through June (for a month!) with our friends from S. F., Fabulous Disaster. They just released a CD on Evil Eye Records out of S. F. Look for it!

MoiSST:  Anything you want to ad and throw out there?

TT:  Visit our web site and fantasize about nipple tape! Hot sweaty Nipple Tape! And never miss a Jeff Dahl show! He is the hardest working most talented musician in your town so never take him for granted...or you lose! Love and Pisses, Texas Terri & the Stiff Ones!

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