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Thursday, 5th

CHEETAH CHROME & TEXAS TERRI BOMB According to the press release for this show, proto-punk legend Cheetah Chrome (of Rocket From the Tombs and The Dead Boys) met Texas Terri Bomb when she e-mailed him to see if he'd show her the chord changes to his classic "Sonic Reducer" while he was in L.A. playing some dates with the Tombs. He did, and shortly after that, Cheetah responded to an ad Terri posted online looking for a guitarist for her band. The two are now preparing for a brief East Coast tour that will kick off here in Nashville. The set will include primarily Texas Terri Bomb material, but also a few Dead Boys tunes and some Iggy Pop and Dictators covers as well. Chrome's recent activity has involved the reissue of Rocket From the Tombs' first recordings and supporting tours; the resurgence of interest in the band has garnered him some long-due attention. Springwater

—Ryan Norris

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