Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones
Eat Shit + 1

Holy shit! I thought rock 'n' roll was dead. I mean, sure, there are some good rock bands out there, but since I haven't heard a good rock release in six months or so, I thought rock had finally died. That's until I got the latest Junk Records release by Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones. And, boy, has Junk made me re-think my stance on rock once again. Damn this label knows its shit.

Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones are hard-on rock 'n' roll for the drunks, drugies, nymphs, and anyone that wants to get their ass kicked for fun. This is the real shit. Texas Terri's screams are bloody and raunchy. The band plays with the same fire, turning perversion and the grotesque into a sound that will make your head spin and turn your mind into a daze.

This record is loud, obnoxious, fierce; it's a collection of bad luck, bad life, and tragic stories that end up causing nights of excess that turn everything into fun and make it alright. This record is rock 'n' roll to the tee. I'll give it an A.

By: Alex Steininger



Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones - Eat Shit +1 (CD, Junk, Rock)
This took a couple of listens to sink in, and that's usually a very good sign. This is a CD reissue of Eat Shit...re-mastered and now including an additional track. We never heard the original disc...so this is our first time hearing these tunes. Texas Terri is a female vocalist who is probably influenced as much by Iggy Pop as Patti Smith. The lady is a true character with her hot red hair, heavy make-up, and wild costumes. And man can she belt out a tune. When she's really smokin', Texas Terri has a growl that can match any of the big burly guys out there. But the real plus here are the tunes. While the music is basic buzzsaw guitar pop, what really grabs our attention is that the band has a great sense of humor...and they also pen some great tunes. The entire disc is entertaining...but our particular favorites are "Lifetime Problems," "Me Mad," and "Baby Bird Shuffle." "Shuffle" in particular is great because it breaks out of the standard verse/chorus song structure to explode into short and to-the-point commentary. Special mention must be made to Nancy Farber who designed the CD cover...the artwork is KILLER!!! Well...this ought to please lots of lonely punksters out there. If they could get their their hands on the music, we'd bet that teenage boys would go APESHIT over this band... (Rating: 4++)

-- Babysue


Eat Shit!

Ahhh, I open the package and there's a promotional photograph of the band... a bunch of leather-clad toughs who look like they live for rock and roll. What's this in between them? A naked woman?! Catchy, that... Oh, that's Terri, the frontwoman. Very cool. (It helps that she's "hot," too.)

At first glance or word-of-mouth I'd expect this record to attempt aping the Mentors, what with the nudity and that additional photo of Terri (nude) covered with what look like powdered-sugar doughnuts gracing the CD. But before listening to it, I read the promo material, and besides being into rock and roll, apparently Terri does the nails of the rich and famous as well as performing nude, sort of a female G.G. Allin thing without the excrement.

I had to hear it! So, on it went... Not what I expected. Sure there's some slutrock, but the majority of the album is ass-kicking New York Dolls' style punk rock! I mean this is raw punk, REALLY raw, with high-fives to Iggy Pop and the Dictators (they cover "Baby Let's Twist"). I was thoroughly into their energetic trash punk songs like "Cave Women" ("I'm a Cave women/ my soul is raw/ just like the meat I eat... "), Sad Life ("My mom killed and cooked the family cat... "), and "Oh Yeah!" which is a punk rock love anthem. This cranks, man. Apparently they tour (I just missed them) with a sort of tatooedtrashbondagefest Halloween show.

--David Lee Beowulf


Eat Shit +1


The thing about Texas Terri, and this sorta becomes apparent from the CD cover, is that her physical appearance personifies the sleazier, messier side of rock and roll. What it (rock and roll, that is) was always meant to be -- Iggy and the Stooges, The Plasmatics, Tribe 8, The Mentors, et al. But the scary thing about Terri, and I've been checkin' out a fair number of pictures of her recently as a necessity of pure rock idolatry, and I SWEAR that this goes beyond any sort of pinup nonsense, is that she's pretty damn near got one up on Iggy Pop. I'm talking classic Raw Power Iggy. She's transcending sexuality, she's transcending punk rock, she's personifying this bastard primal essence of what rock and roll is or should be. The photos DON'T LIE, check it out -- Terri's covered in sweat, ribs sticking out, tattoos, hair plastered to her face, cavernous eyeliner, leather pants pulled down, topless save for the Wendy O. Williams strategically-positioned duct tape, no movement wasted, just looking like she's going to fucking burst right out of her skin. Um, street walking cheetah? This was prophesied, ya know. Skeptical? You look at these pictures and you try to dispute that something elemental is being tapped into, some plateau of sexy reptilian androgyny is being reached that maybe even Iggy Stooge couldn't get too. Terrifying and exhilarating, I'm telling you. Fuck off, this is serious shit if she's one up on fucking Iggy.

How about the music? How about the band? Are the boys able to get one up on James Williams and the Asheton brothers? Are we faced with a total idolfuck revolution? Thankfully, no. It's potent punk & rock (no pop) that puts me in the mood for Johnny Thunders and The Misfits. Very suspicious and dirty music, with lyrics that call to mind every tough-as-nails metal girl that I went to high skool with and a damaged voice that is way more convincing than many rockers on either side of the gender fence. Dude, she would so totally break Steven Tyler's legs…

Junk Records, 7071 Warner Ave F. PNB 736, Huntington Beach, CA 92647-5495


Eat Shit +1



One of the more tasteless labels and presumably one of their more tasteless releases of the new year, Texas Terri, a foul-mouthed screamer and her "Stiff Ones," and may we assume we ain't talkin' bout a drink here, eh? Well either way, read into it what you want, it's an easy listening assignment for the Devil and his disciples in a loud raucous sort of trip through the fire. Gotta love the name though --it just fits… And with that open-ended statement, let's explore a little into what one might expect from such an endeavor. How about heavy distortion, nasty attitude and a New York Dolls revisited sort of blaring glam look right out of the fucking gutter?

Originally released back in '98, the cool waters of the time have warmed since for these wild eyed Punk Rock and Glam fanaticisms and thus the reissuing of a new and improved version and plus one -- so if there's any room left for further consumption, there's your extra bonus! Terri in fact looks a little like Iggy -- with his hair on fire -- in his prime and sounds more like Wendy O' or even Joan Jett in some cases -- we're going back to the beginning in all instances however.

An over the top West Coast staple these last few years, Texas Terri's apparently been causing quite a stir in their Los Angeles locale and if you're doing anything close to that these days, you must be doing something right… or very wrong as the case may be. Raunchy and unrepentant, if they look onstage anything like they sound on record, its bound to be one Hell of a show -- in fact it better be because they won't be allowed back! They've done The Vans Warped thing last year and look for 'em on the SXSW Showcase coming up in Austin in March. They're built on sin, sex and outrage and I've heard better but they're basically a packaged crack-up that's worth a listen… like I said before with a name like that, how can ya ignore 'em?

2001 AMZ, Robert R. Lewis



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