Stinky’s Peep Show
By Don Baird
San Francisco Bay Times
(November 11, 1999)

The headlining act and the one that got me all excited about going out, Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones, have the dubious distinction of recording a song that ended up being my absolute favorite cut to spin when I DJ several weeks running. The song is called “Lifetime Problems” and it was originally done by the Dicks, the Texas punk rock band fronted by blues/rock wunderkind and local artist Gary Floyd many, many years ago. Gary himself told me that he thinks Terri’s version of the song is even better than the original. Texas Terri and the Stiff One’s LP Eat Shit was a difficult disc to find – it belonged to a fellow DJ whose entire collection seemed to be hard-to-find, and then he quit, so I went to the show knowing there would be copies for sale there and I would soon have a real gem of an album to add to my personal collection.

While waiting for their set to begin, Brigitte Brat or God’s Girlfriend, the seven foot tall trans bitch guitar goddess, wandered up and said hello; I told her how excited I was to see this band, and she told me she had been hanging with them for a week and she would introduce me. I spotted Terri milling about the crowd greeting people – she seemed to know everyone, all the fans. It was unusually unpretentious and refreshing to see.

When they finally took the stage and ripped into the first song, it was clear we were in the presence of a balls-to-the-wall rocker – a girl who was more into Iggy and Mick or even Jim Dandy Magnum of Black Oak Arkansas than she ever was into Nancy Sinatra.

I was also amazed at the way many of the crowd members seemed to know all the words to every song, as she punched the air and bent and strutted and shed her see-through blouse and complained about nipple laws and having to conceal them with black electrical tape because of those laws. When the band ripped into a cover of the Stooges’ “Down on The Street,” it seemed like a perfectly natural thing to do, which is saying a lot about a band’s set so far if they can pull that off, and they did, but that’s not all. Terri left the stage on an elongated bop around the whole club leaving the rhythm section chugging hard and tight, and the guitarist just laid into a lengthy and blistering solo that had the crowd going crazy. It was the kind of solo that a groupie puts out for.

I knew they had to be doing the song “Lifetime Problems” probably last, and I was right. Terri said, “This song was written by Gary Floyd, and you here tonight? Where are you? Well. Gary Floyd wrote this and Gary Floyd is my husband!” For that song, Brigitte Brat joined the band onstage and I gotta say she kept up on guitar in a way that really impresses me through that tense and fast-paced scorcher of a song. Curious name for a song that truly helped me forget most of my problems. Liked it so much I bought a T-shirt on the way out; but come to think of it, I mostly bought the shirt because it says “Eat Shit” on it and sometimes that message will come in handy, I know it.

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